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Section 1. Notes to the user

Where no year is indicated in the title, the current edition applies.
Titles written in roman type refer to statistical tables.
Titles written in italic type refer to visualizations (charts, graphs).

Section 2. How many international organizations are there?

Section 3. Where are international organizations located?

Section 4. How are international organizations linked to one another?

Section 5. What interests international organizations?

Section 6. Where and when did international organizations start?

Section 7. What languages do international organizations use?

Section 8. What is the link between global civil society and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?

Section 9. Where and when do international organizations meet?

This section is a reprint of the report International Meetings Statistics Report, 60th edition - Comparative tables on the international meetings of international organizations held in the year 2018

This report is prepared annually by the Congress Department of the editors of this Yearbook, the Union of International Associations (UIA).

The data are drawn from the International Congress Calendar, the meetings database of the UIA and sister publication of this Yearbook.

The report is published in June of each year. Access is reserved for Associate Members of the UIA for the first three months. For more information please contact [email protected].

The original report is published in colour. Should the graphs reproduced here be unclear, please contact [email protected].

    9.1. Research methodology

    9.2. General overview of international association meetings

    9.3. 20-year rankings

    9.4. 2018 rankings

    9.5. 20-year full listings

    9.9. 2018 full listings

Section 10. Explanatory notes